90th IDPG Vehicles
Photo courtesy of John "DoctorDirt" Dwyer

In April of 1942 the 6th-9th, and later the 4th and 90th Divisions, were designated "motorized divisions". A motorized division is one in which all of its elements could be simultaneously moved by motor. Only the 4th Division was ever fully motorized, and it was later reconverted in Aug 1943. Nevertheless, the 90th Division participated in General Patton's race across France and one of our primary impressions is that of a batallion headquarters. Therefore, vehicles are a very important part of our impression. We've tried to focus on vehicles that pertain to an infantry, HQ or heavy weapons regiment. Please take a look at this page for information relating to our particular vehicles and WW2 vehicles in general.

Vehicle Photos - Historical, Current and 90th IDPG Vehicles


90th IDPG Vehicles

1943 Ford GPW

1943 Bantam Trailer Photos

1941 GMC CCKW-353

1944 Gerstenslager Model A - 1ton Trailer Photos

1941 Dodge WC-7 Photos

1941 Dodge WC-27 Photos

1944 H-D 42WLA Photos


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