90/358 3 BN "Peragimus"
Camden OH 2004

The primary impression of our group is infantry. That is why everyone is a member of the 3rd Battalion of the 358th Infantry Regiment. Our specific impressions include Headquarters, Heavy Weapons, and straight leg Infantry.

This area pertains to our infantry impression. For information on our medics and vehicles, as well as our group schedule and links, please vist the rest of our site.


"I am a Doughboy" - A great publication that explains the composition of each company in the infantry regiment and has some really unique photos. It was put out by the IRTC. There is no date or publishing information in this book but judging from the photos it was probably put out in 1942~1943.

Headcovering in the ETO - A Case Study - A really nice case study by a member; Mike "Squirrely" Ellis. Like it or not, a survey debunking the all too frequent use of mechanic and HBT caps by reenactors in Normandy events.

The M-1938 Legging - An Introduction - Another article by Squirrely. This is discusses the variations of the M-1938 Dismounted Legging as well as tips on donning and living with leggings.


"Gentlemen, here they come, the queen of battles, the infantrymen, the old foot sloggers. Twenty-five years ago at West Point an old tactical professor used to say to us: 'Never overlook the doughboy. A thousand years ago it was the foot soldiers who won and held territory and it will be the same a thousand years from now . . .' Look at 'em, the doughboys, God bless 'em."
George S. Patton, Jr.
Lieutenant General, U.S.A.


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