90th IDPG Squirrley's Paperwork

Years ago, well before this website was ever dreamed up - Squirrley was busy slaving away infront of his computer coming up with amazing artwork in PDF format. Then came the cutting, folding, gluing, waxing and experimenting with getting it just right.

This was back in the day (2002 / 2003) when there were only a handful of guys making PDF's and distributing them on the internet. Some were unquestionably higher quality than others - with the others leaving much desired room for improvement. There really seemed to be a paperwork craze for a few years, with random guys pretty much demanding people hand over their hard work for nothing, or peoples artwork being used commercially without their permission. The whole copyright / fair use issues involved really put us off to really sharing the "best" stuff we had at the time, and thus we didnt.

On top of that, the whole research angle of it was pretty dubious at best. It was obvious that people were creating PDFs off of random low quality eBay images, heresay and just generally making shit up. From our collections we examined original examples, purchased specific original items to make reproductions of and took trips to museums, private collections, the Quartermaster Museum and the National Archives - for the sole purpose of "getting it right".

Years later, with any commerical aspirations for the paperwork behind us and an overwhelming desire to improve the hobby in any way we can (and having a server with terabytes of storage capacity) - its time that we put Squirrley's work out there for the masses. Its been our intent all along with the new website to do so - its just taken us a few years to get there.

Before you go any further- READ THIS about FAIR USE of the PDF's.  

Research - Trips, photos, photocopies and archives notes from the 90th IDPG

Examples - Original examples and source material

How To - Instructions, materials reccomendations and tricks on putting the paperwork together

Downloads - Paperwork items created by Squirrely








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