90th Infantry Division History & Research

Attention 90th Veterans, Families of 90th Veterans, 90th Historians or WWII Historians!  We are currently searching for Regimental Histories for the 357th and 359th Infantry Regiments, and Battalion Histories for the 343rd, 344th, 915th and 345th Field Artillery Battalions, the 315th Engineer Battalion, 315th Medical Battalion, 712th Tank Battalion, 607th Tank Destroyer (towed) Battalion, 773rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, 537th Anti-Aircraft-Artillery Battalion, 90th Recon Troop, 90th Signal Company, 790th Ordnance Company, 90th Quartermaster Company, 90th Military Police Platoon.  If you have a copy of the official history, or were a veteran of these units and would care to have your story posted on this webpage please contact the 90th IDPG at Peragimus@90thidpg.us and we will pay copying and postage costs for any material you send us.  Thank you for your help in preserving the memory of the "T-O" Division.


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