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(These are articles written, edited or uploaded by 90thIDPG members which do not already fall under Projects or Weapons. You can also find reviews of equipment on our Reviews page.)


WWII Research FAQ: Simple Ways To Start Your Research and Why You Should be Doing Them Already

Army Regulation 600-40: Wearing of the Service Uniform - Notes for Reenactors

Four Eyes: Eyeglasses and the WWII US GI

Herringbone Twill Uniforms - Not just a D-Day thing.

Tableau Number 1- The 81mm Mortar Squad

Tableau Number 2 - The SCR-300 Radioman

Wanted: Live Kraut - Stars & Stripes

The Enigma Code Machine

WWII Uniform Sizing Primer

Uniforms and Gear in Depth: Color Primer

The M-1938 Legging - An Introduction

Boot Dubbing in the ETO - GI Survey

GI Hairstyles - A Case Study

Headcovering in the ETO - A Case Study

The M1 Helmet in Normandy - A Case Study

The M1 Carbine in Normandy - A Case Study

Non Ration Foodstuffs: Normandy

Keeping it cool: About M1941 and M1944 Insulated Containers, aka "Mermites"

The 28 pack


Modern Reenacting

Greaser's Newbie FAQ

Medic Yoke Primer

11 Ways to Improve Your GI Impression

How to Travel Light: Packing Tips for the Seasoned Reenactor

Introduction to Webbing



M1 Carbine Parts Charts

M1 Garand Parts Charts

De-Farbing the Browning 30: 7312973 Carrying Handle Assembly

De-Farbing the Browning 30: Israeli & USGI 1919A4's Compared

De-Farbing the Browning 30: The M1A1 Ammunition Can

Brief Notes on the Production and Use of OD7 Browning Belts in WWII

1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle Buttstock Identification Guide

Plastic or Wood? Which BAR buttstock is correct for WW2?

De-Farbing the BAR: The Carry Handle

De-Farbing the BAR: Gas Regulators

De-Farbing the BAR: Bipods

Dying M1 Carbine Birch Stocks

Selecting a M1911 Pistol

Launcher, M1 for the M1903 Springfield Rifle: Variants and Details

Launcher, M8 for the M1 Carbine: Variants and Production Details

Holding the Bazooka

On the bazooka and the Tiger (Mark VI) tank

WWII Weapon Carrying Methods

M1 Carbine Manual of Arms Explained

Guide Lamp: The Wartime M3


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